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born out of rebellion, Just like America.

With Caffeine pumping through our veins and the “Don’t tread on me” motto, I love Guns and Coffee was born out of rebellion… Just like America.

Fueled by caffeine and a fervent commitment to American values, I Love Guns and Coffee emerged from the fires of rebellion, echoing the spirit of our nation's birth. 

No More Guns!

In September 2013, Starbucks, the iconic coffee giant born in Seattle, made a startling announcement, urging patrons to refrain from openly carrying firearms in their stores, even where it was legally permissible.

This abrupt reversal marked a departure from their earlier stance, a concession to the pressures of liberal snowflakes’ tears that had diluted their resolve and clouded their once steadfast commitment to respecting local laws.

While not an outright prohibition, this shift left a bitter taste for those who believed in both the right to bear arms and the sanctity of individual freedoms.

We choose our rights

The decision came amidst mounting pressure from anti-gun activists, who called for a boycott of Starbucks, while staunch defenders of Second Amendment rights rallied in support of the company's original position. Plans for a "Starbucks Appreciation Day," celebrating the company's initial stance, were dashed by this disheartening reversal.

I Love Guns and Coffee emerged as a defiant response to those who sought to undermine the principles of freedom and patriotism that our forefathers fought so valiantly to preserve. Rooted in the legacy of the Boston Tea Party, where the first seeds of resistance were sown against British tyranny, our brand stands as a beacon of unwavering allegiance to the rights enshrined in the fabric of American history.

the right to bear arms

From the caffeine-fueled fervor of the Boston Tea Party to the unyielding defense of our liberties by the right to bear arms, I Love Guns and Coffee embodies the essence of what it means to be American — a relentless pursuit of freedom and a steadfast determination to safeguard it at all costs.

We Love


We are gun toting, American patriots who will fight tooth and nail to protect and defend all our unalienable rights under threat of tyranny; the right to bear arms being an integral part to defending these rights as well as protecting American families’ livelihoods.

As America runs on coffee and the American Spirit to get through the day, I Love Guns And Coffee will stand proud on the backing of patriots who have fought and died for our nation’s freedoms, and continue to do so. We will be bold (like dark roast and the smell of exploded gunpowder) in support of our freedoms, unwavering in our beliefs, and loud and proud (like a 50 cal bullet whizzing to the target) about them… That’s what makes us American… Caffeinated and ready to take on anything.

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